Charites Petres Red Dry “RED”

Dry Red Wine PGE Halkidiki 12,5vol

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Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon

Category: Red Dry Wine.
Halkidiki Protected Geographical Indication.
Organic Agriculture Product. (BIOGreece)

Vinification: Pre-fermented cryoextraction, aged in French and American oak barrels for 4 months.

Features: Vivid red – ruby ​​color with purple highlights. Complex bouguet evolving. The aromas of caramel, cedar, spice, cinnamon and tobacco are framed by abundant aromas of red fruits (plum, cherry) with vanilla hints. An exuberant mouth balanced with gentle tannins and acidity. Long lasting aftertaste on a background of tobacco, vanilla, spice and fruit. An easy everyday wine especially friendly for red wine lovers and summer.

Serving Recommendations: Serving temperature 12o-16o C. Large tulip glass for red aged wines. A transfusion may be needed.

Tasteful combinations: The noble tannins make it flaky for multiple tasty combinations of traditional Greek cuisine, such as minced meat, tomatoes, fried meatballs, soujoujakas, spetzofai, moussaka, imam eggplants or shoes. It fits perfectly with meat pie, frying pan, veal fillet with spicy sauces, grilled sausage (stewed veal, stew). But it particularly fits in with BBQ grilled meats, like sausages, steaks, liver or lamb chops.

Aging Recommendations: Enjoy it from the earliest years of its life with greater evolution potential, with 5 to 8+ years of aging. It is recommended that the bottles are stored in a lateral position, in the absence of light and at a temperature of 14 ° – 16 ° C.